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Study Club April 28, 2016 (Any office member can attend)

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Past Events     

  • "X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation" - Presented by Dr. Manraj Bath
  • "Advanced Dental Treatment Planning" - Hygienst Study Club

  • "Provisional Fabrication For Implants" - Presented by Joe Weiner

  • "Ten Most Profitable Changes I Made To My Private Dental Office" - Presented by Dr. Gupta.

  • "Beyond Lip Service" - Hosted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • "Pathology and the Second Molar Environment" - Hygienst Study Club

  • "Accelerated Management Protocols for Edentulous Patients" - Presented by Dr. McGlumphy
  • "Advanced Concepts in Implant Dentistry"
  • "Beyond Lip Service" hosted by the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians
  • "Wonders of Wisdom- Hygienist Study Club                                                        

  • "Beyond Lip Service"- Hosted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

  • "Meeting the Demands of Today's Implant Patient"
  • "Advanced Concepts in Implant Dentistry"
  • Educational Evening hosted by Ellman International

         "Innovations in Skin Tightening with the Pelleve System"

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  • "Diapers, Apples & Other Essentials of Hospitable Customer Service

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  • "Who, What, When, Where and Why of Wisdom Teeth"  -  3 hour CE

  • "Strong Implant Basics" - Hygienist Study Club - 2 hour CE  
  • Lecture to dental assisting students at the Everest Institute
  • "Dental Implants and the Hygienist"   -  2 Hour CE

  • Advanced Technology In Molar Implant Dentistry- 1 Hour CE

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Note to the Doctors

Given the extent of the evening's lecture content we have made the presentation available for you to reference. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the lecture notes please contact the office at 614-751-7500.